My heart is a blaze of a fading flame
The roads we used to travel are covered in grass
Like a string connecting two worlds
Memories repelling away
I am merely broken
I could take that road again
But it seems to lead nowhere without you
With no sun to glare down on us

Every gaze is one I couldn’t tame
My mind dreams of a sunken shame
I was once a traveller that met friendly faces
Now I can’t even draw a smiling face
Who would’ve thought it would all fade
There were lots of noises and parks were full
Of smiling and friendly faces, children playing
With their parents and I was amongst them

I miss you and all your smiles
Funny how I used to think I was happy
But it was all you
I am in a deep abyss
Holding a fading flame in my hands
As darkness creeps in
Running riots in my mind
I could run
I could flee
But where would I go
When all I see is falling skies
And collapsing mountains

How can I live in an empty space
With no hopes of tomorrow’s mending hand
But I hope the angels are singing lullabies
To tone down all your worries
Life is a nightmare of fleeting shadows
Without you
Nowhere is safe without your warm presence
All I feel is coldness
Sending shivers to my nerves
Thus drowning in a bottomless ocean
Awaiting your hand to pull me to the surface
There is nothing I can’t give just to gaze at you
Again, I hope heaven is holding you well