It’s a sunny Sunday
A calm and quiet a day
Idle, I savour its tranquility
Marveling at its beauty
Rare are days so gay

All things seem to be in mourning
Almost no noise from any being
But sweet jazz-like sounds at the horizons
Courtesy of little flying bodies far upwards

The beauty of this day
Its calmness and tranquility
Pursues my mind to drift away
Reminded of so sweet a lady
With almost synonymous features
Purging thoughts like slow ballads
Of us holding hands
Sweet but conjuring tears
Bitter-sweet the memories

From you to me
Scores of love
Left massive footprints
That withstands the crusade
By our time apart

Our disengagement
Was like breath
Escaping my body
Leaving a walking copse
Incapable of future affection

I was then naïve
For I received the love
Like a rich men finding a dime
Nonchalant of its significance

Your gestures of romance
Motivated by benevolence
And your display of love so absolute
I failed appreciate and emulate
And give back with enthusiasm