This Poem is dedicated to a special friend, KFB

What we used to be was strong and powerful
So much intimacy without a cloudy roof of doubt and mistrust,
We shared a dance to happy moments,
We lent a shoulder to hurting memories.
It’s torn too far to regain,
That friendship we shared
Is lost with this drifting chaos of space.

We saw it coming
Now it becomes our shortcoming,
It was slowly brewing,
Our drifting communication fed it to the brim,
We used to talk of friendship of a lifetime,
Slowly it’s becoming a history of old times

Why do I miss you so much,
Even though last night you still texted goodnight!
Why does it feel like our friendship is growing abstract,
My tears I cry alone
My fears I fight alone
These pains are getting weighty
‘Cause we are dying out of friendship