I’m from a place beyond the imagination
Further than the horizon
Than the big bang
Or creation

I’m the son of the sun
Born to those who worship the moon
And living in a storm also known as a typhoon
But with the hope of having fun

I’m from a place there far yonder
Where reality meets fiction and it makes you wonder
Where am I going? Am I there?
How much further? How will I fare?

I’m from a place that’s closer than it seems
Like the reflection in a car
Objects aren’t as they appear
But relax, neither are the people, so no need to fear

I’m from a place where being known and liked
Counts for more than knowledge and being right
Coughing and wheezing my chest is tight
World’s all against me, gotta stand and fight

I’m from a place that’s short on love
But still we pray to the one above
Right or wrong, we’ll never know
But that’s where I’m from
I’m from Durban, Yo!