Drums please
For Asma Jacobs
Among the province’s
Fastest under-14s

Drums please
Perhaps some
Cowhide talking
Drums from yonder

(even some pomp
and ceremony
reserved usually
for the special ones
higher up)

Drums please
For a speedster
From Portlands High

(no grandstanding yet
as one might expect
from politicians as
is their habit)

Bolting along
Though there’s no rush
Say those who know
As she is still growing

Drums please
out Mitchells Plain-way
(former apartheid homeland)
rather than bullets
the normal drugs and crime
and missing drain covers

Drums please

The Plainsman’s “Drums please” (March 18 2015) brings forth Oswald Mtshali’s Sounds of a Cowhide Drum. The same community newspaper reported on the theft of metal drain covers (“Drain on City coffers”).