I’ve been thinking of ways to describe you,
You’re like medicine but they don’t prescribe you,
I’m greedy for your love, it’s never enough.
I’m feeling like I might overdose on you,
High on you but also down for you,

They speak about you and how addictive you are,
They can send me to rehab but I’ll never quit ya,
I inject you and you release endorphins,
You are definitely morphine,
They say you might kill me but I’d die happy with you in my arms,
Even though you inflict me with pain the feeling is temporary,
But the moment is not ordinary,
You make me do things that are out of the ordinary,
I lose myself to you baby, you’re in control of this body,
I must be suicidal ‘cause they say you’re venom inside me,
Never thought taking poison would feel this good,
Can’t leave you alone even though you’re killing me slowly,
So I’ll take a low dosage,
I know you’re a drug and your parents are the dealer
And I’m an addict who’s dependent on you,
If I take my last breath while you lay on me
I would have the biggest grin ‘cause I got to have you