Small sips and cheerful smiles
As we both put down our coffee
Mugs, and reminisce about
The old times. The teachings
You made me listen to were
Always in the form of poems
That made me imagine a world
Full of possibilities.

There were times I would always

What made you give warm hugs when
The world was cold towards you?
What made you smile when the
World hated your existence? What
Made you so colourful when the
World seemed so black and white.

What made your eyes portray the
Good within your soul, when the
World had evil eyes staring at you?
I think I found the secret!

In everything you did, you
Served the Great Creator not
With your words but with the
Love in your heart. The life of
Purpose that you led,
You made sure that you acknowledged
GOD and lived in humility, and your
Heart was full of cheer and sincerity.
You truly are a phenomenal woman
Maya. The memories from the past
We share are always lovely. As we
Both sip our coffee, and realise GOD
Is good.

Dedication To:
Maya Angelou, may your soul rest in
Peace. May your legacy live on forever”.