I have known you
For so little time
Yet you have left massive foot prints
Engraved far deep in my heart.
Because within it
You have forcefully travelled.

No gate of any heart
Is strong enough to prevent
You invading it.
Your smile, kindness and chivalry
Are powerful artillery
That you unconsciously use
To dismantle any heart’s gate.
Or they are like the sweet song of a mermaid
Which lures people to its waters.
You, just by being you, hold similar powers.

Unlike the biblical wise-men from east
I neither posses
Gold, diamonds nor pearls
Nor do I have treasure
Or any form of riches.
Though I’m certain none of these could give you joy.
Rather they would be a futile endeavour
At showing my affection
Or at displaying how profound you’ve touched me
Simply by being you.

The narration of my sentiments
Sincere and true
Is the ideal tool I could use
To display my affection for you.

You are drifting away
To lands far away.
I am not sure
What despicable impetus
Blows you away from my shores.

But your departure
Is like that of a bird
Which when drifting away from land
Whenever it fancies it
Flies up into the skies
Till the naked eyes
Fail to capture its sight
Seemingly never to return
But thirst forces its return.

I refuse to say goodbye.
For that is acquainted with permanent loss and death
For I know in the future
The tides of life
Will bring you to my shores.

Our moments of simple bliss
Of jokes, laughter and happiness
Will surely be treasured
Vaulted and sealed
Far deep in my heart.
But nonetheless
Bidding you farewell
Is courtesy you deserve.
So, fare-thee-well .

#Dedicated to a colleague of mine