Down the streams of my
flowing tears, lies all
The love my heart used
to have for you blowing
Winds have broken its
Strength how strong it was
Is now a tale that’s old.

No ear dances when it’s told.
All the dreams have gone blank
Memories no longer have a
heartbeat all bridges
Connecting are burnt down

The road my heart is taking,
Leads to far away from you.
Each step away, healing is
achieved the current is
Peaceful to sail on for now
I can feel the smiles of
my heart.

Sad valleys with you exist no
More tearful nights we had are now
substituted by a feeling which
Came with these wings by a
Feeling which came with this

Oh, winds of greater attitudes,
Far, blow away all the thoughts
Those missing a piece which
stabbed me so deep a piece
Which had me fallen into a
Pit of her blinding charms.