I wish I was composed of something more exotic
Instead I am forever misconceived because I speak about things which are mentally toxic

I wish I was created in a witch’s pot
Maybe then I’d be something extremely hot

I wish my tongue was sultrier
Instead I was given one which spits words which are far too superior
It sends all my suitors
Running like I breathe hell fire

I wish I had kinkier hair
Instead I look like a dragon that escaped from its lair

I wish my eyes were more enchanting
Wide, less brown, more honey with long lashes
I’d fearlessly attend street bashes
And successfully capture the attention of all my crushes

Man I wish I was the epitome of voluptuousness
Instead I’m the living example of teenage awkwardness
Instead of being blessed with a queen’s elegance and confidence
I was cursed with feet that trip over thin air and insecurity

I could rant all day
You’ll probably get bored along the way
But before that happens
I want you to realize that my imperfections
Make me absolutely perfect
Babe, I’m one of the universe’s most unique creations!