We run and run
Not forgetting our dreams,
We chase the sun
With death so envious of life
We fight to stay alive
Yet we give into hope
A reluctant peace worth keeping
As our precious souls are pushed down,
Into unbearable slopes

Like caged animals we are locked into demise
A treason of unintended revenge
Nor do we lose focus
But waiting for the blissful night we rise
Only in ourselves we find trust
A war with a nemesis,
We can’t see with our gruesome eyes
We can yell or shout
But even our sorrowful tears ain’t that loud

As our hearts fill with murky waters
It’s time to break the ice
And fight for our fallen soldiers
Soothing a sensation seemingly sore
Changing people to their core
For now sit down and close the door
The world will soon be awesome
A world better than before

For now keep all your hugs and kisses,
In a mighty vault of love and affection
Lock it in with all your seething heart
One delightful sunrise
We won’t be apart

I pray for a gracious tomorrow
Where we run and run
Not forgetting our dreams
We chase the sun