Dreaming is unstoppable,
All it needs is focus
And your success will be invented,
Sometimes you will lose hope,
Sometimes you will feel low,
Everything will move slow.

But always dream your tomorrow,
Let go of your sorrows,
Cherish your yesterday,
Live your today.

Be patient,
It’s not too late or too early,
See opportunity in every difficulty,
Know that the quality of your thinking
Determines the quality of your life,
Don’t fight for a space at the table,
Make your own table.

Have a vision,
Always be out with a mission,
Have passion,
Ensure that you’ve got ambition,
Don’t talk but take action,
Start a stable foundation,
And make innovation,
Give the world a transformation,
They will soon take you into consideration,
Because you have a good direction,
Don’t quit on your dreams or be alarmed,
Quitters are not winners and winners are not quitters.