Paint me a picture of your smile.
Or sizzle and blush like your cheeks.
When you start to fall for me.
Is it love or your emotions intertwined?

Does it melt when you hear my name?
Can it taste like dripping honey syrup?
Draw me a piece of your skin.
Does it bronze beneath the surface of your sun?

I dread the day I could get out of bed dreaming about you.
When I loved the darkness you were in.
The day I cure you of insecurities.
When your skin glowed, you were angry and sad.
I just knew waking up with you in my mind
Was a cure for my life.

I am sitting alone and all I smell is your fragrance.
Small music playing in the background
Takes me to the moment
I took you dancing in that raining day.
Sadly memories are hard to fade away.
We created a dream of our love.
I could have given you keys to my heart.
Made you a mother of my new happy home.