Love has shattered me with no boundaries of a pure heart
I deserved better…
I thought love would be easy
but it has turned against my will
within my final decision and signature.
The pain of caring for uncaring pretenders
The signs of the evil destination of hatred

Those sweet words
were spoken from the mind not the heart
Spoken words
can show you a direction but
actions have the only final decision of your destination

Love is sweet
but has consequences of its own
Your love and kindness can be turned into
brutality and resentment

A heart should be taken care of
not torn apart
Not even a single drop should reach the ground️
The shock of losing a loved one
It’s hard to bear,
It beats so fast like a jet disappeared into thin air
Can’t even recognise it,
It will strike with endless words of a broken piece
Lost in the atmosphere of the unseen

Untold truth of love…shall never be revealed