Life is about experience,
Without new things, life is void,
We try things though others failed,
My failure doesn’t detract from yours,
You try them, see if they fit.

Changes aesthetically prepare us,
Yes, sharpen us for the future,
How many times were you told,
Not to do this, not to try something?
But you did eventually.

Don’t lose it but try it,
We’ve got our own expectations,
From what we touch or do,
Though people die, we live,
Though others stay, we leave,
Others are gone, we breathe.

People divorce yet we marry,
Some rejoice while our hearts are merry,
A lot have failed yet we try it,
How would you know it without trying it?
Don’t lose it, but try it.

They cry, yet we laugh,
There is time for everything,
Today it’s time you try New things,
Maybe they could bring the best You…
Who knows, you might find your purpose there,
Don’t lose it, try it.

Today you know how an electric shock feels,
Though you were warned not to touch it,
You know how hot water feels,
Though you were taught not to dip your finger,
The best experiences are the impossible ones,
The things they said no one would do,
Do them, you can do them, though you fail,
You will have experience, Don’t lose it.