I wish I could stay away, just to isolate myself from the eyes of the judgemental minds. I’m so tired; tired of them judging me because of my past and who I was back then. This is a new vision of Patrick Mtshikiva and I’m certain that my tattoos don’t define who I am but who I was. My past doesn’t determine my future and I don’t anticipate everyone to see eye-to-eye with me.

I see them, claiming to be my friends with different agendas around me. Snakes pretending to comprehend what I went through when I was a little boy. Just to let them know, pretenders are vivid and transparent in the retinas of my eyes. I won’t be tricked or fooled by this wolves in sheep’s clothing. Some of them are kissing my wounds with salt but still I rise like Maya Angelo.

I’m trying with every inch of my soul to be a better person in life. Yet these frogs are thrilled and are willing do anything in their powers to drag me down to the ground. I acknowledged my mistakes and I grew from them a long time ago, a man admits his flaws and a boy denies they exist.

To every soul I’ve troubled, hurt and paralysed I’ve asked for forgiveness even though sometimes it was not good enough. What more should I do to prove myself to the world to cease being judged in everything that I do? Sometimes I feel like Chris Brown is my only saviour; he wrote a song titled “Don’t judge me”, and every time I listen to it I feel like I’m not the only one in these shoes. Many of you have done the worst but it’s not my place to judge, but God’s himself.


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