Cut the Act!
We were all once gays
Just that we never got into intimacy
Same as David and Jonathan so
Don’t you dare judge
Because there’s only one judge and that is God.

Think deeply and replay
Those days
When we were babies.
Don’t act all manly
Remember the flirts and
Kisses on our cheeks that made us blush,
Smile and laugh.
The unconditional love,
Chemistry and bonds we had but faded
As we grew up.

The touchings on our butts
Happiness we had when
Stripping off our napkins
Yeah we were just kids
I know it’s that y’all think.
And that’s simple, means we were all naive.
Because that’s where it all started.
Where we inherited the love.
Where boys started to think falling
For the same gender is the right thing.
Where they started changing the way they talk and walk.
Remember the hide and seek games we used to play?
Those games were for girls in case you didn’t know.
Remember fitting on your mom’s heels, weaves, earrings
And putting on her lipsticks and makeup,
You were already gays in mind.

The fact that you’re living in denial
Must not make you think you man enough
To judge those who accepted their callings not their feelings.
If being gay was a sin as the Bible states
God wouldn’t have invented feelings for the
Same gender.
He wouldn’t have allowed David and Jonathan to be in love
He wouldn’t have created homosexuality in the first place.
So let others be what they were created to be.
Being gay to them is not a choice
They were born like that.
They were born gay
So don’t judge, instead try to learn and figure out yourself too.
If you’ve got nothing to say
Drop the talk.
And live with your hidden tale.
Don’t judge Gays!