Don’t judge a book by its down fall.
Yesterday, I was the king of my castle.
Yesterday I had no opinion or
Compassion towards humanity the only thing I possessed was my selfish desires.
Yesterday I had many friends sitting at my round table having a meal with me.
Yesterday I had the courage to speak to giants kings and Queens.

Today I’m a broken man.
Where are my friends?
I’ve haven’t even sniffed their scent.
Today I am as poor as a church mouse I have no legacy to leave behind…
I have nothing but the old Dirty and torn clothes on my cold back.

Today I lay my head under the bridge knowing that no one will look or think of me tonight.
Tomorrow I shall rise like the phoenix out of the
Ashes and into the sky where I fly higher than all the birds in the sky.
Tomorrow I come flying like a white dove in peace.
Ready to forgive all those who over threw me.

Tomorrow I come with my eyes wide open to who
Really stood by me in times of need labelling them my true friends.
Tomorrow I’m going to stronger and I will withstand the sun the wind and the ocean.
Tomorrow I will fulfil yesterday and today’s vision
So still I say don’t judge a book by its down fall.