But also don’t give in…
You need to be content with yourself.
You need to always have hope even if hope
leads to disappointments in life.
You need to keep trying even if you fail.
Because it’s not the end and it’s never too late
and without hope there’s nothing.

You can keep trying even though you let go.
You wanna let go I know. You can.
But don’t give up on yourself.
You can be better with or without him.
You are strong and you depend on nobody.
You are brave.

Always have courage and stay strong.
Love comes and goes.
Some say true love always comes back.
But once you lose hope, your life will go downhill.
Stay as strong as you are. Remember,
love yourself before you love somebody else.
Make yourself happy instead of
looking for your happiness in others.
You’re strong and I’m proud of you. Every day