Make someone smile every day
But don’t forget you’re someone too
Make people feel comfortable
Whenever they’re around you
But don’t forget about yourself
Let them feel free
But don’t forget about yourself

Our mistake is we focus on people’s problems more than ours
We forget that we also have problems
We forget that we’re humans too
We forget that we have a life
We forget that there are people out there
Who don’t want us to be successful one day
We spend our time with the wrong people
We cracks jokes around the wrong people
We tell them our secrets because they seem to care

Don’t ever forget that people may act as if everything is alright
But you don’t know they are thinking about you
Be careful people are dangerous out there
It is good to be nice to people but don’t exaggerate it
They will take advantage of you
Don’t forget about yourself
You are not supposed to carry their burdens
Don’t forget about yourself
Make your own time and think about yourself