Sometimes it’s long and hard. You need to be strong.

Don’t fall.
Things do come and go. Traps do.
It’s only about you not falling for it. Don’t.

Just don’t. It could be gone in no time.
You don’t need to be the cause of it all.
Just don’t fall for the sake of falling.

Who falls then stands. OK. That’s OK.
It’s life. The journey. Rides.

Who falls at it. Everybody does.
Who needs to fall for everything. Nobody.

Don’t fall

For everything alive. Seems like.
Rather stand for it, your moment.
Don’t fall at it. Stay the ride. Don’t fall. Ride.

Touch the line don’t fall the race.
Run the race till you reach your place.
Don’t fall yet. Just don’t.

You don’t need to. It could be over.
Finished in no time. The marathon. Hikes.

Just don’t. Could you please run it ahead.
Till the line is approached. This is easy.
No it’s not. But don’t fall. Look up to you.
You need to stand.