I speed away
from an unmasked
but uniformed human
selling her wares
outside a local mall
(no love lost here)

Don’t be scared (Dadda)
another human jests
this in a time of covid
not to mention our other
human-made maladies

Don’t be scared (Dadda)
the mall outside riddled
with maskless humans
peddling their wares
(it’s the economy, stupid)

Don’t be scared (Dadda)
the country’s emperor has
washed his hands (of us)
left it in our hands
(we are free are we not)

no law enforcers in sight
that fashionably-hatted one
and other assorted fancy suits
grandstanding elsewhere

Don’t be scared (Dadda)
Be afraid
Be very

I duck and dive my way out of and to and from the local Kenilworth Centre, just a day past our ritual Human Rights Day.