“We coloured people”
A woman proclaims
All by herself
In a public library

(Pandering still to “race”
When one fought against
And once were one thought
All non-racial and anti-racist)

Doing the royal we
Categorize all paint
All stereotype all
Into an apartheid corner
(A checkbox for research)

We folks await the start
Of some cake decorating
With Fatima Sydow
She of The Journey
Of Cape Malay Cooking

I seize the moment
Hoping one and all hear
That is your stereotype
Keep it to yourself
And for yourself too
Don’t classify others


Some cake decorating
Many-layered and hip-enhancing
Ms Sydow grounds her activity
In food and the community
In food and people
(It’s a family affair)

(She inducted into the kitchen
Early on by her mother
As oft one is after all
Boys wear blue girls do pink)

Some cake decorating

The assembled humans are plumped up at the local library, the morn of 8 March 2016, as International Women’s Day passes us by.