It’s dodgeball with bullets
My homies dropping like sacks of potatoes
Bodies scattered everywhere like it’s winterslam
Guns blazing like it’s a battle zone
We’re chopping each other up like it’s a butchery

The wings of Phoenix are up in smoke
Will it rise from its ashes as legend tells?
Huge dragonflies hovering over our heads
The air is bitter and venomous
A heap of corpses is piling up
Black smoke screen everywhere
Mask up, protect your lungs

Bullets everywhere like we’re playing catch
Bullets everywhere like we’re making a home run
Bullets everywhere like we’re going for boundaries

Indlu emnyama is resentful
The situation is dire
Old laws of “No Blacks Allowed” back in Phoenix
Ngabe sekudwebelene imingcele yini?
Kazi iyophinde ithelelane yini?

Could Bheki Cele’s visit bring serenity?
Or leave the streets tainted crimson?
“Where was he when we were gunned down,
Where was he when we were butchered,
Only to appear when indlu emnyama charges?”

Now the dust is settling
Delegates intervened
What does this mean for our towns and townships?
Are we safe?
Let the war end this instant
Too much blood has been shed
My Indian and black homies are with their makers
May the perpetrators pay!