I still remember
Those days of my youth
Which I fought fate
Like a mighty storm;
Crossing the border to manhood
Like a house wife
I performed all house duties
Like a garden boy
I kept the home clean and tidy
Like a nanny;
I took care of the children
I was only given a free churching permit
My youth passed before me
It was a dream.

I still remember
Skipping without a care
Jumping all the gutters every night
Passing all my dongas coming to you
I was accustomed to being your blanket
You consoled me
During cold winter nights
When the gentle cold breeze
Wrapped my face with its cold hands
Life choked my throat
Love frothed within my heart
What we had was not futile
You were accustomed to smile
And show teeth slightly to me.

I still remember
My shoulder was
Your crying station
Our minds debilitated together
In the rippling confusion of pleasure
I was snared in the furrow of life
With your fair, light brown skin
Like a goat in the middle of a Mauritius thorn.

I still remember
I used to take you under my wings
And heal your entire bruised heart
I gave you the love you needed
But I didn’t give you the pleasure
You needed most
You were desirable, but my heart was old
Old enough, in the young body
Out of astonishment
My arid youth desire had left
Forgive me… oh! Forgive me
I skipped my youth
And jumped onto the manhood train
Only what I need is to redeem
What we had before,
Before the hoof of tales kicks it away