When I walked in the streets
I felt the breeze
I felt the frost,
As that of the coast.
I held on tight to my coat
So I don’t catch a cold.

I breath heavily but gently
As I took a corner
I waged my eyes around
Before taking a walk
In-front of me was a hawker
I moved closer, but he was no seller
He was just an actual beggar
I walked past pretending not to see him.

He kept clapping and begging.
Within his clap he created a rhythm,
Strong enough to soak from my heart.
Within his chest there was a board of words,
Words that bought quizzes to my soul.
Some of them I can’t mention,
But these I quote
“Who am I?, am I blind? Not to see he’s in need.”

The rhythm of the clap
And the message on the board said the same,
“do what you think is right”
So I did, I stepped back
And I threw a coin.
I saw him shake
So I gave him my coat
And a bottle of a milkshake.