Do not think like this
To think nothing to allow
Thoughts to dance in your
Mind and cause a quake in
Your heart do not think
Like this friend.

Do not talk like you are
Lost, to vomit all wisdom
For vanity, in the ocean
Of life to empty your heart
To strangers and allow
Gossipers to eat bread
With your words and singers
To sing by means of your
Mouth do not talk like this

Do not walk like this, to
Walk like you not sober to
Walk like you have no legs.
Like your legs are not same
Size, nor can one look at
You neither dare laugh at you
To allow your legs to jump
Mountains in one step do not
Walk like this brother.

Do what is wise think something
Our of nothing, friend talk with
Sober and wisdom do not waste
Let fools vomit theirs, son walk
With gentleness let your legs
Lead you to light do not jump
Steps, because you will fall
Brother do what is wise.