Let our hot tears flow down
Do not hold them back
Let us walk through this pain
We should not pretend otherwise…

The wrath has been the greatest
This suffering is the worst
That we should watch our own relatives withering
Yet all we can do is nothing

Lord, look at our tears
How great are our fears
Should they be in vain?
Either way we will not refrain

No no no we won’t stop crying for Your mercy
Until You are moved in Your place
That You should ease our suffering
Then our souls shall be reviving

Oh Lord, do not look aside from our woes
Though we be ungrateful generation (becoming foes)
Only seeking You when we are down
Trying to fight against some revelation

Lord, don’t let our tears be wasted
Please don’t let our souls be roasted
That it should not go a little longer
Only tomorrow to find out it is no longer…