Heartfelt pieces.
Naked truth.
You really need to stop being a driver of emotions.
Like when you hula-hoop naked in the closet.
Emotions die and feelings arouse in shifting pleasures.
From immense to cool, baby I am in a dire state.

Our skeletons shifting in the closet on a Sunday afternoon.
They see through our eyes now (so they say).
I can hear their tipsy whisper gossip!!
I see the clock clocking us out of the closet.
So we can no longer hide from the saints.
It’s clear in lace now that we play around.

Your eyes can lie no more.
We’re lost for words.
I remember the rainbow lamenting our colours.
(Proud we were)

But now they shine too bright.
Baby I am in a dire state.
You’re dancing for me!!!
(How crazy I am)
Let’s come out to the saints and let them
(Perfect ones) cast the first stone.

Hold my hand…hushhh, come with me sweetie.