The place where we first met was not the ideal place to love.
It was a bad and unhealthy place for love.
It was utterly disgusting.

We met under the bridge like destitutes,
ut still we found a balance between us.
We loved as two young adults do.
We never thought of the obstacles
Because we thought we had won already.

You told me how you left home.
It was so sad,
I never wanted to tell you my story
about how I was orphaned
when my parents moved abroad without me.

Pathetic right,
it was not their fault.
All these stories made us love each other more
and we decided to be great in future.

The future is now, here,
and we think we don’t need each other again,
like we never thought of it before.

We are emotionally apart
but physically close.
I wish we were like how we were before.