I was loud and bubbly
So adorable and cute
Gave trust to him
Opened my heart’s door
Unaware the wolf has entered

Kind and sweet
Had timing and planning
It was dark and I was weak
He was riding me like a cyclist on a race
Pace of the athlete
I sweated like Caster

It was painful
I tried fighting
Also crying didn’t help
Silence broke
As I realised he took my life

Took my soul, left me with broken vows
My smile was gone
Dust I wished I was
Blood was around me
Blood of my dignity and integrity
That so-called virginity

Beauty broke my soul
Pieces scattered on the soil
My ancestors I wished to join
The puzzle doesn’t fit
Pieces are missing

I felt like a used toilet tissue
Sleepless nights I have
They said all in due time
But it only happens temporarily
Forgetting is impossible

It’s like I was giving birth
The cries and screams on my mind
Just that no human formed
Thus I felt no joy

Images are crystal
They bring me tears
As I question myself
Did I ask for it