A “perfect” gentleman you are
Made me see the woman and lady in me
You have this thing that just makes me believe
I too have a chance at being happy.

You used my clan name instead of my name,
Enjoyed my poetic pieces
And always gave me praises.
Though I knew we wouldn’t grow old and grey together,
I also didn’t think I’d be made a fool of, by you.
Our union, though not facially,
Had been for a very short space of time.

I won’t lie, I had my everyday doubts
In actual fact I had eyes for another guy
You were a mere distraction,
A guy who could easily reject me
One could say I’m rather unfair and hypocritical, perhaps I am.
For my heart has been promised to a guy, one who knows not how I feel.

So finally, I decided to free you,
Only to realise I was actually freeing myself,
For you had gone back to the same girl
That YOU had sworn to be over

Yes I had my doubts,
Thinking and telling you that you were not over her.
But you my love, you swore against my statement,
and said I was NOT your “rebound chick”
I took a chance.

Naive and stupid as I was, though with doubt,
I accepted to be in this “love affair” with you.
Oh my, your voice is to blame,
For whispering sweet lies through the phone,
I was aware though I didn’t care
Angelic is your voice, brother.

Believe me, ain’t nothing bad I can say about you
Except that you lack honesty
Perhaps you were just scared or just stopped caring for me
You should have at least enlightened me when you felt
Not the way you used to

Instead, I had to be the one to cut ties, so I could free you,
But in turn I was freeing myself.

I tried to be as gentle and lady like as possible,
Only to find out you had already had a change of heart
You preach honesty,
Hence I find it hard to understand why you couldn’t be honest and let me go
But again I answer myself,
I am a woman – very hard to please

Thank you for trying
Right now, I am by far the happiest to be out of our “Affair”
It never was for me, after all.

The best words to ever come from you were not ‘I Love you’
But, “…thanks, Matshezi. I respect you.”

Thank You.