I’ve always lived with my past,
The type of guy that always regrets,
Always regretting every decision I make.
And the biggest of all, was hurting you.

A distant relationship can make a man be easily controlled by the bad,
I, for one, was misled by lust into another woman’s arms.
Temptation got the better of me.
For that, I’ll forever be sorry.

Since then, I’ve had a long string of heartache of my own,
Sorrowed by Hamilton and Vandross to sleep.
Had no one to turn to for support.
And you appeared like Gabriel at the stable.

That is when I saw what I have lost.
I realised that I threw away a diamond and picked up coal.
You showed me compassion when you didn’t owe me anything.
We got closer and closer.

And now I can’t let you go.
A minute not talking to you sends chills down my spine.
I’ve grown dependent on you.

You mean the world to me.