You used to be an angel
You used to have beautiful pure white wings before
Those wings used to bring joy and warmth to my life
I remember coming from school
Tears dripping
And you took me in under your big, strong wings and brought joy to my heart

You used to be my friend
You’d always strive to bring light to my life
You used to love me, now you detest me
Your beautiful pure wings turned into something I only see in my nightmares

Now your heart is filled with rage, hatred and darkness
Your wings don’t bring joy to my heart
Instead they just give me slaps now and then

Words like, “You will one day be great unlike that stupid father of yours,”
Now all I can hear is, “You are a mirror of that dumb father of yours.”

Why all the rage, hatred and the violence
What happened to that angelic voice that used to sing to me every night

You used to be light
Now you are darkness
You used to mean joy and love
Now you mean rage, depression and hate

I don’t know you anymore
I miss my angel… Please come back