You took away that which made sense in my life.
You come in day and night like you own me and my life.
You didn’t care how much you destroyed and still are destroying in my life.
You just do what you wanna do because no one can stop you.

You took hold of my life from the day I was born.
You destroyed it back then and you still won’t leave me alone even now.
You already decided that here is where you shall stay.
You’re turning my life upside down without a care in the world.
I am a slave of yours and slaves aren’t supposed to complain
But have to comply with everything told by their masters.
Even though you see that you destroyed my life
You still don’t wanna leave me alone.

My life is in your hands, for now!
Have fun with me and my life
As I will soon take control of what you have taken from me.
Even though you were a helping hand over the years,
I am ready to be my own helping hand.
I am ready to take responsibility instead of blaming everything on you.
I am ready to be a grown up and stand on my own two feet.
You had your fun, now it’s time to have my fun.
It’s time I become the master of my own life.
I can’t have my life dictated anymore.