shrieks a commentator
male-English is he
describing a goal
out Russia-way

at that opiate-distraction
we call the beautiful game
where the male-ego pushes
and shoves and cusses
and play-acts too

(such acts usually
reserved for that show
folks call parliament
the unequal-world over
in the name of democracy)

the English-male trumping
himself and other commentators
(all male as far as one can hear)

Delicious dainty delectable
Delicate luscious tasty
Appetizing palatable choice
like whatever it was
was edible

(our ex- said so circa 2006
not of a hearty meal but
of the 15 minutes he had
of the rape alleged they say
of a woman who others
maligned and castigated)

Delicious it is
the beautiful game
a caller to SAFM radio
says there are still
Africans in the tournament
pointing to the French ream

The more things change
the more things stay

An English male scores a goal in the beautiful game of football, but his team goes out (Wednesday night, July 11 2018). The game itself was not!