It was painful
I didn’t do it on purpose
Maybe it was a heavenly stunt
But it wasn’t funny

I couldn’t move, couldn’t breath
Couldn’t say anything
All hurt, everything ached
I thought it was the end
It was all over now

My eyes were draining
I couldn’t open them for long
I had no control
Everything was loose, very loose

I guess this is how one goes out
I mean I’ve been thinking about it
I really wanted it to happen
But not like this

It wasn’t planned, not my plan
Leave! Go! Get out!
I nearly did
One move and I could’ve succeeded
But deep down that’s not what I wanted

The look in her eyes
The words that came from her mouth
Her reaction, her touch
The tone of her voice
I just couldn’t handle it
Couldn’t take it anymore
But it wasn’t yet time
Mercy said no