Yes! It’s deeper than poetic
The feeling I have for you
Yes! It’s dramatic
The love story I want us to read,
Yes! It’s caring,
My heart a shell for you to dwell forever.

Yes! It’s magical
How supernatural your face turns me on,
Yes! It’s metaphoric,
These words rhyming in my mind to tell You.
Yes! It’s promising
How I want to spend my expectancy with you.

No! It’s not playful.
I really mean what I say.
No! I am not masquerading,
Though I just can’t stop and help it,
No! I am not a heart-breaker.
But a true lover to love you eternally,

No! My arms are not tied.
They shall hold and caress you comfortop.
Yes! It’s deeper than poetic,
Though I am not poetic,
But I am realistic,
Maybe my words are poetic,

Though let me not be poetic,
But be grammatical,
And proudly say
I love you!