I hope you think of me
As you close those sexy eyes
You are my sexiest addiction
I don’t want to quit being trapped
In your heart.

Close your eyes my love
Give that tremendous body some rest
Because a new day is birthing
I love the net I’m trapped in
The net of our relationship.

Let your soul rest
Free your mind and soul
And allow sweet dreams to come
Do not worry too much about tomorrow
Because God said we should not worry
As we lay our bodies to rest.

Sleep my love
Do not talk any more.
Just close your eyes as your
Heart says the night prayer.
Think about God before you sleep

Remember do not worship me
Do not worship money
Do not worship idols
But worship God.

I am not your God
I am your helper and a partner
Lie down sweetheart
As the spirit leaves your body
For a little while.

For a few hours you will not think
You will not worry
You will know not
Sleeping is escaping from the world.

Appreciate the night my love
Do not be scared of the dark
Because that’s where great heroes are groomed
Nights are made for us to relax and rewind a little bit.
It is the self time
The Godly time.
So goodnight my love.