I like building castles in the air
With you by my side all day!
I imagine being your boyfriend
How wonderful that would be!
Being Lupita Nyong’o’s boyfriend
And be the most envied among men

Lupita is a Mexican-born celebrity
But her heart belongs to Kenya
Her lips are so soft just waiting to
Be kissed, her nice curvaceous
Body was carefully created by God

The shape of her nose reminds me
Of those beautiful Caucasian ladies
From Atlanta, Georgia
And her smile, oh my God!
It can melt any man’s heart
She stole my heart, oh Lupita!

I know that you are a celebrity
And I am your diehard fan
But only my love is greater than
The distance between us
You in United States of America
And me in Kenya

You can call me a stalker
Or whatever you want
But I don’t care!
Every word that comes out of your
Sweet lips, even if it’s obscene
I really like it!

My love for you is more valuable
Than Oscars and Grammy Awards
I like the way Beyonce Knowles
Praises you in her latest song, “Spirit”
You deserve this and much more
You are my crush, Lupita!

Lupita Nyong’o, would you like
To be my girlfriend?
Please say “Yes”
And I promise, I will never make
You cry, and I will never be your ex
I will give you the moon and the stars
And I will love you till the end of time