Ke December klaar, let me stand up.
Where do I even begin to talk about DC
’cause ke manzi klaar.
Heineken is not my stuff
ut ke tswere yona ketla etsang.
Now my ex is kissing my friend
I wonder what’s next.
This December is so busy
you can even forget your mask or sanitise.
Celebration is a necessity
’cause we fought this pandemic in unity.
Drink until you vomit
remember it was banned previously.

Make safety a priority and your main responsibility.
We’re still going to see kills,
accidents and fights in our communities.
Family will look for me while I’m busy dancing
for Amapiano, sitting with Miano.
2020 was a long year, time has come to an end
it so we can start fresh next year.
Ekse! Align the mindset to positive
to allow to grow your personality.
Entertainment is a reality
that’s why we need to attend every party.

We have events every day
not realising how much we waste money.
We drink and forget to buy groceries for the kids
now they’re busy roaming on the streets.
Violence will increase because we usually ignore
the most significant things.
Deep down you know you’ll drink
until you’ve spent the last cent to refill your drink.
These words are not deep it’s just that December
we change our behaviour to the next level.
Still on level 1 we can’t wait
to do the countdown on Thursday the 31st.
This December is just a month,
so keep yourself alive
and be the same person that you are every day.

Cheers for being alive and hopefully
you’ll enjoy December 2020.