Dear Death,
You always get to us when we least expect you.
You take away our loved ones at any time, why though?
You never care about the sadness you bring.
You never care about the loneliness you bring.
What you do is take away our happiness.
Death, who are you?

Death, I wish you never existed.
Our parents, siblings and friends would still be existing.
Death you’ve broken the hearts of many people.
I wouldn’t apologise for the hate I have for you.
But Death, why?

I remember how in the past few days and years
we always had sleepless nights.
We always had endless tears of pain and sorrow.
And we were helpless because you can’t do things right.
Death, I wish you could cease.
I wish you could halt.

Death, do you really care?
Death, who are you?
Do you know the pain of seeing
your mother not moving,
your father not moving,
your child not moving,
anyone close to you not moving?
Taken by you, Death!
Death, I’m scared of you.