Under the face of the world, inside the woods
on the shrub of naked wood.
Tucked and locked in you.
Spinning above the universe, in an emotional evening…
love is the only thing that we can
rely on for now.

After the backstabbing, we need each other’s antiseptic hearts.
After the world tried to shut us down, when they saw us loving.
It is what we deserve for now, to be stitching our hearts
into hearts again even though they are irregular.

To be close to each other is fine for now.
In case I pass out, rest me on your arms and stay with me
until the Creator comes to claim me,
in front of the whole homophobic crowd.

Maybe then they will understand that it wasn’t and will never be
my desire to be the black sheep of the world.
If it happens you die too just please die on me
Like glitters and strings.
Like unicorns and dreams.
Our love stays intact, bound by imperfections and
a simple recipe for love.