Can one predict death?
Death comes suddenly and no one expects it
Death is when the soul or the spirit is removed from the body
No one can predict death

Others believe prophets and witch doctors
But God is the only one who can predict death
He has power over death and can fight death if it’s not yet time
People wish others dead because of jealousy and hatred.

Death only comes when God allows it
Some die peacefully
Some die in pain after suffering for too long
Some die in accidents unexpectedly
Some try commit to suicide to meet death

Life is too precious embrace it while your spirit is with you
When the spirit leaves the body, you will die
A man came to a neighbour proclaiming death is taking him
He felt his spirit being pulled away

A few days after, he passed on.
No one knew what he spoke was true
Many thought he was exhausted or delusional
I thought I saw my death after being hospitalised for too long

The doctor told me I had a day to live
Was it true?
No it wasn’t true, I am still alive
God must have said “not yet”
No one can predict death

Only God knows
It’s all because of the belief
We can’t protect ourselves from death
When the time comes, we all die
Death brings tears to our hearts
We cry for days, months, even years
It will come one day
We have to be strong for others
There is a saying that goes:
‘What goes round comes around.’
Don’t wish one dead
One day you will die too