What have we done to you?
Why do you punish us, my country fights against its people,
Because of you!
We are killed by people who are so close to us
We are shot dead by our own parents!

If it was our ancestors who have had wronged you,
Why instead are you destroying us?

Death you are heartless!
Why won’t you speak with us?
Why won’t you hear our cries as we beg for mercy?

What kind of creature are you?
Graves are full and filled with our loved ones…
Yet you are not satisfied,
Our eyes are dry
Yet you are not taking a break.

We are supposed to cry each day
My forefathers once lived here on this hills of
They once felt the warmth of sunrays from the north;
Southern direction of City of Matlosana
But they are all gone,
Look behind you,
The meaningful glory of Jouberton has fallen
Look at how Ext 14 has turned into a death society
We are forced to go to funerals each

All the beauty of Alabama is scattered
And this place of Matlosana is full of my people’s blood
We are without hope.
Not even COVID-19 was mighty enough!
It failed to stop you from killing us.
Death you are the serial killer that walks free in our streets.
Both lies and hatred gives you power over us
Faults that are found within us give you authority upon our flesh,
Dishonesty and betrayal
False love of minds…
We are left lifeless, meaningless,
And hopeless,
Hopeless society
Our flesh is without breath
Our souls are without hope
Our own youth has lost its
Why do you force us to die?
I saw an opened grave
No wonder it was mine!
You leave no land in peace

You distract us
Your breath is so cold that it makes my world ice
You send sickness and cease us all
Look to cease me and my people!
What have we done to you?

Why do you punish us, my countrymen
Fight against their people,
Because of you!

If it was our ancestors who wronged you,
Why instead are you destroying us?
Death, you are heartless!
Death, hear our cries as we beg for mercy
Death, what kind of creature are you?
We placed our hope on the coronavirus
That now trembles in your presence.
It has betrayed all of us as we thought
You were going to step backward.

We won’t back down,
We are so persistent although we created HIV and Aids
And sent it to you to scare, but instead you are using it
As a weapon against us.

We designed TB and now it’s a nuclear weapon that wipes us out,
Ebola was the machine made against you,
You managed to turn it against us but we managed to put it down.
So is COVID-9 as the world-wide reports deaths daily.

We will stop you, death.
We will cease you.