there’s nothing I fear as much as death,
I don’t know
whether after life I’ll find good or bad
‘cause I’m afraid of the unknown,
that people only claim to know
a coward for it I’m called,

in this rapid cruel world I’m caught,
wondering what have I done?
what have we done?
‘cause I look around for answers
in god or my ancestors
so much darkness I see and I feel
even during the day, till
I understand that death isn’t what I fear
the thought that I haven’t lived is what I fear

I’m simply afraid of dying
‘cause I’ve lived life like I was afraid of living
letting it play like a song till it turns
into an album of my desires of killing
well suicidal thoughts I had but
I stopped them with a simple no
but honestly my soul’s terrified of death
‘cause living is all I know