As I unlock the doors of my dreams.
I feel the roughness of the coarse cover,
Blushing ruby red and glistening with gold borders.
Memories instantly flash through my head,
As I flip the smooth textures of your sheets.
“How was your day?” You’d always ask.

Liberated, like a butterfly out of its chrysalis,
I’m a fledgling, soaring out of its nest,
Diving into a perennial river of my brainwork.
A waterfall of words plunge into my head,
As glimpses of the day roll, like film in the cassette.
Dear Diary, what would I be without you?

You take me to the calm eye of the storm
To marshmallow pillows of comfort and sanity
You perk up your ears, but
Not a peep or squeak of judgement.
Though, I still wonder,
If you could answer,
What would you say?