To whom we call Madiba, Dr Mandela
our hero and father of the nation.
The one who made a contribution
to the rainbow nation.
The one who gives motivation to the nation.
The man who detests discrimination and racism,
but shows affection and determination,
you are truly an inspiration.
A man of dignity and pleasant personality,
you deserve prosperity.
you taught us humanity and unity.
That we are one.
you taught us that life is about the difference we make in the lives of others,
that one man can change the world.
you are a teacher not a preacher.
you did not let haters deflect you from fighting for freedom.
the effect is democracy.
you reflect what a great leader is.
you are diligent hence you did not succeed by chance.
despite all grapples and suffering you went through, you stayed reposed and did not seek revenge.
Tata, to you I salute