From the day I graduated from my mother’s womb,
I always knew that you belong to me
For you kept on ticking inside my head like a clock,
Running inside my desperate heart
Like a leopard, and flowing below my skull like
Mulunguzi river as I play with oxygen, using my lungs

As I educated my bare feet to walk on the naked ground
Without any grass like a desert, my hope for you
Never stopped growing up like an embryo inside my
Mind, for I once knew that you shall find me patiently
Waiting for your arrival at a bus stop for you are
My bus to take me around the corners of the world

As I slept at night, I no longer dreamt about my
Ex-lover who never stopped haunting me in my dreams
Like a ghost, for you transformed into a fairly god mother
Who was the maker of my dreams that I kept on
Hallucinating as my body interacted with the bed
Until the night gets tired of shining to the crickets

As I visited the church, I prayed for no eternal
Life, but your presence right beside me, for I knew that
The existence of your shadow alone would make me
Feel like I have already arrived at the peak of the
Everlasting life

For your beauty bewitched my mind to be thinking
About you as my shadow played hide and seek with my
Body, I even searched for your existence under the
Deep waters of Indian Ocean, and even sniffed for your
Footsteps in the wilderness of Sahara Desert, where the
existence of any tree is an abomination to its presence

I even tried to do fasting together with my flocks like
People of Nineveh just to meet you one day, but to no
Avail, God didn’t grant my wish for I had a little faith
Like the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ

As I was getting taller like a maize stem, God saw how
Lonely my feet have been for several years, with
His lovely heart, he sent you here on earth like Jesus Christ
For God saw that my feet were meant to belong with you
Eternally, he created you just like the heaven and earth
For me only

Ever since I saw you waving in my blind eyes
On that naked window of a shop, the two identical corners
Of my lips shaken hands with my dimples, my feet became
Thirsty to meet you, for you became their daily crash

My toes also never slept as the day and night kept exchanging
Their duties on the calendar of the year until having dinner
With you, my eyes also kept on staring at your body for your
Beauty on shining inside its eye ball like a diamond, my
Hands never stopped shaking as if they had swallowed vibration
Until hugging your body that is soft like a flex foam

Now you are here with me, I now wear your body like my
Favourite dress for you fits me like a glove, I no longer
Visit my fake friends for you are now my original
Friend that exists forever like Zomba plateau and never gets
Tired of walking me around the town to show me how
Beautifully and creatively God created this earth

From the day my feet inserted a finger inside your warm
Body, all the odours that owned most of the lands on my
Skin respectively migrated into exile for they feared that
Your perfume was strong enough to perish its life,
As you swallow my feet like the whale that swallowed Jonah,
I take away my spectacles and sight flies into my eyes for they
Were caged with the evil spirits of blindness

For you offered my eyes with a scholarship of sight, they Never
Stopped dancing at your beauty for it is their life Supporting machine,
And for you are what my glittering eyes were born to appreciate
As they blinks, I can even sell this earth just to buy you at any
Amount for you are not cheap like a pair of Patapata,
I can even sail around the world like Christopher Columbus
Just to discover your beauty, and even climb mount
Kilimanjaro just to picture your body from above

For your beauty helps to wipe away all my tears along the
Valleys of my eyes and even vanish all the sadness that was
Sculptured inside the soul of my feet, my heart never stops thanking you
As it slowly pounds at a snail’s phase, as we walk together across the
Railways with your arm well glued around my waist like a belt, trains
Honourably stops to make a way for us as we cherish together at
Our own paradise, the sun never gets tired at following us until the
Earth sets us apart, and the soil never stops kissing at your footprints

For you are with me in this 21 century, I shall always carry you
In my hands when mad sent by the rain shall try to spit its troubles on
Your beautiful leather jacket and I shall even die for your sins on the
Cross like Jesus Christ

When you read this essay, how does it make you feel about the people you care most about?