Light the torch
And colour the night.
Raise your brush of words and make a canvas.
Times are sick,
Hands of a clock are on stroke,
Hours and minutes are broke.
Raise a note,
Lead a capella.
Initiate heartbeats
And make them beat louder than laid defeats.

It’s time to use words,
These times we are not crying.
We are wiping them tears,
Mobbing them beyond remembrance,
At least for now.
Draw smiles on people’s faces,
Ignite the fire from within,
Leap above current life phases.

It’s time to shine
And this time brighter.
It’s a moment to jump
But this time higher.
Lives await resurrection,
Bodies await healing.
Ears await words
But the heart is waiting for a message,
A message that speaks of new beginnings.
Words that vibrate with hope.

Live bigger,
Maybe the pieces can raise the faint
Glow brighter,
Maybe the falling rays can ignite someone’s fire.